Below is the on-screen scoreboard for ORDER OF AWESOMENESS:

Militant combatants 150

Missions 70

Shootings 400

Stealth fighter 100

aircraft attacked

Combat tanks 180


Attack fighter 74

aircraft destroyed

Combatants killed 300

Order of Awesomesness:

Militant Combatant 50 points

Fighter Jet Pilot 100-150 points

Interrogator 200 points

Corporal 250 points

Sargeant 1st Class 300 points

Lance Corporal 400-500 points

Specialist 600-850 points

Private 1st Class 1,000 points

Trooper 2,500 points

Shooter 3,000 points

Gangster 3,500 points

Lieutenant 4,000 points

Gunnery Officer 4,500-5,000 points

Corporal 1st Class 5,000 points

Assassin 9,000 points

Mercenary 10,000 points

Federal Mafia 20,000 points


Iraqi Police 45,000 points


Security Agent 50,000 points

Hoodlum 100,000 points

Lt. 1st Class 450,000 points

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