Detective Bill "Awesome Gunner" Kilborn

Age: 33

Rank: Shooter

Occupations: Troubleshooter; adventurer; pimp gunner

Col. Dean Awesome

Rank: Triggerman

Occupations: Counterintelligence agent; manservant; military savant

Edwin Cunningham

Rank: Manhunter

Occupations: Fugitive; troublemaker; triggerman

Agent Stuart "Combat Gunner" Throckmorton

Rank: Interrogator

Occupation: Interrogator

Broderick Broadrix

Rank: Security investigator

Occupations: Triggerman; interrogator

Oscar Owen O'Malley

Rank: Detective

Occupation: Private investigator

Jay "Jaywalker" Throckmorton

Rank: Adventurer; interrogator; triggerman; fugitive

Occupations: Adventurer; triggerman; professional cracksman

Lt. Throckmorton Hardvick

Rank: Triggerman, detective, interrogator

Occupation: Private investigator

Oswald St. John-Sackett

Rank: Private investigator

Occupation: Private investigator

Ace "Baffler" Moore

Rank: Professional cracksman

Occupation: Professional cracksman

Sir Willard Crossfire

Rank: FBI agent

Occupation: Private investigator

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