Private 1st Class    1,000 points

Lance Corporal       1,200 points

Sgt. 1st Class        4,000 points

Corporal 1st Class    5,000 points

Stealth Fighter Pilot    6,000 points

Lieutenant      6,250 points

Fighter Jet Ace      6,500 points

Counterintelligence/Secret Agent/Anti-Terrorism Activist     7,500 points

Close-Combat Shooter   8,500 points

Combatant     10,000 points

Gunner     20,500 points

Navy Attack Gunner     50,000 points

Vechicles & Weaponry

Combat Tanks   1,000 points

Missles    3,450 points

Stealth Fighter Jet Aircraft     7,000 points

Tail Guns    7,500 points

Blaster Guns   8,000 points


Blaster Contrapbots   500 points

Contrapdroids    1,000 points

Militraptions    2,450 points

Milidroids     3,500 points

Robotraption Guns    5,000 points

Androbotgunners     10,000 points

Average scores may vary by opponent.

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