Oceanic battle carriers     4,000

Combat tanks      4,200

Stealth attack fighter aircraft     4,500

Robotraptions      5,000

Contrapdrods     5,200

Naval battle carriers     6,000

Strike combat guns     6,500

Revolver hand gun shots    7,000

Navy SEALS  fighter boats     9,200


Lieutenants      5,000

Lance corporals     5,200

Colonels      6,000

Mafia kingpins     7,200

Gangster villains     7,500

Chief lieutenants     10,000

Brigadeers      20,000

Captains      25,000

Gunnery experts/anti-terrorism teammates     25,500

Stealth attack fighter aircraft pilots     75,000

Commanders in chief      100,000

Hoodlums    150,000

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