Stryker Guns - 1,000 points

Mafia Bosses - 500-1,000 points

Nuclear Submarines and Other Weapons - 500 points

Armored Automobiles, Vans and Limos - 600-5,000 points

Naval Battle Carriers - 1,000-5,000 points

Mafia Heirs and Heir Apprentices - 7,500 points

Contrapdroids - 100,000 points

Robotraptions - 150,000 points

Kingpins - 250,000 points

Combat Tanks - 300,000 points

Utzi Guns - 500,000-+ points

Gangsters - 500,000 points

Hoodlums - 750,000 points

Awesome Mafia Cartel Rebellion - 450,500 points

Note: All scores listed above are based on points won by opponent. Visit me at for more scoreboards and players' tips.

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