Privates killed/wounded    500

Lance corporals gunned down or killed    1,000

Gangsters murdered, killed or infiltrated    1,500-2,000

Robotraptions destroyed or fought   3,000

Oceanic naval battle carriers destroyed/detonated   4,000

Combat tanks, stealth fighter jet aircraft and Jeeps destroyed or exploded    4,500

Corporals/corporal first-classes killed   4,800

Mafia executives/kingpins firing unsubsidized gangsters/hoodlums   5,000

Contrapdroids destroyed/fought    5,200

Motorcyclists killed   5,300

Private frist-classes murdered   6,000

Turbotraptions destroyed/detonated   7,000

Motoroids destroyed/detonated   7,500

Mafia heirs/heiresses kidnapped   8,000

Detonation vehicles destroyed   8,500

OA Foundation antiterrorism agents killed or gunned down 10,000

Counterespionage kingpins/foes gunned down/injured   10,600

Turbodroids detonated/gunned down   20,500

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